Day 20 – Abi’s Birthday

Hola mis amigos,
So this morning we were awoken at 6am ready to begin our journey to the safari in Mweya where we will be thankful to have hot showers and soft pillows to rest our tired heads. Today is not only a special day for moving to the luxurious 5 star hotel but it is also my birthday: 15 years young! At breakfast before we left the teachers and other students wished me a very happy birthday and kindly gave me a card and present to open which I was extremely thankful for and surprised by. Then we set off. After a long lagging journey of 6 hours in a minibus accompanied by an entertaining and rather competitive quiz, we arrived at the hotel in time for a delicious buffet lunch. Once we had been stuffed full to the brim we then went for swim in the cooling, relaxing pool where we met some lovely Humphry Davy students who were also on a school trip and afterwards some of us went to tan. In the evening we sat in the bar waiting to be called for dinner when suddenly the lights dimmed and everyone began to sing happy birthday while a cake was brought out by the chefs. After blowing out the candles and thanking the other students and staff we sat down to eat and once again filled ourselves up. We later left to go to our assigned rooms after using the long awaited wifi and began to get ready for a good night’s rest. Without a doubt a birthday to be remembered.
I think it’s safe to say we will definitely be sleeping well tonight, I know I will.
See you later alligators,


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