Day 19 – Smurf Day.

By Evan Peverley , with a little help from Nico
The day started early, being 6:30am, and got ready for a work filled day ahead. After setting off almost half an hour late, we were on our way to paint the two classrooms that we had been assigned, making a few stops to drop Bruno (the director of the Kafunjo project) to get more paint for the classrooms. Arriving at the school we set off to work, splitting the group up to work on both of the classrooms in the little time that we had. During that time we had run out of paint and were waiting on the boda-boda (motorbike taxi) to arrive with more. While we were waiting some of the team did a toothbrushing demo to over 100 Kafunjo kids and distributed toothbrushes and toothpaste. Lander4Uganda would like to thank Rotary Truro for kindly donating these; they were very well received!
After the boda-boda had come back with our paint, we ploughed on to lunch, by that time most of us were covered in paint. Since the outside walls were to be coloured red and blue, the group that had worked on those walls ended flicking paint at each other. This resulted in some interesting blue complexions.  Since it was a Saturday, the students went home and did a few farewell songs before going home for the rest of the weekend. Lunch was called not long after. As everyone settled to eat, the paint covered individuals had already begun to flake. Afterwards, the group said goodbye to Bruno and the staff and headed back to the hotel, for a day of rest.



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