Day 16 – Destruction, donations and d-cups

Day 16 – Toe Jam
By Jamie Hughes
Today the group split up into small groups to begin morning destruction before an afternoon of planets, (following day it began the Planets comp). Mr Griffiths led a team consisting of myself (Jamie) ,George, Nico and Evan to destroy old latrines, sadly Mr G suffered a fatal accident to his big toe as he idiotically dropped a slab of concrete and became a cripple for the day therefore resulting in him being of not much help to the group. We demolished and cleared the scene in the space of a morning, I think. The clearance of the area was speedily done with the help of several locals including a man called Hamza. Lunch came into fruition and a small group consisting of myself Nico, Evan and George plastered a new latrine for a disabled man called Brian. After the plastering, Planets training began for one last time as we prepared for the competition the following day. The day ended with late night games of football and netball with the boys and girls of Molly and Pauls Kamuzinda school.

In the afternoon, some students went to Frikedellen internet café in Masaka while the others gave out donations of laptops and text books and did a bra drop for the female staff and students of Kamuzinda.



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